Patient Stories

Pepé – The Value of Mentor Programs

“I wish people would know that having HIV is not the end of the world… [now] it’s more of a chronic condition. With the new meds that are out, you can have a pretty normal life… I would join a mentor program to help other people with HIV – to relate my experiences and help them in any way I could.”

Tony – Understanding Patient Use of Online Communities and Forums

“I post health updates on Facebook… I have a lot of friends and family throughout the world and I feed off their energy. Online, too, I find medical forums very informative, very factual, but we’re also trying to help each other.”

Kim – Sharing a Personal Story to Help Others

“It’s been a privilege and a responsibility to share my story, not just for communicating to patients that you can go through this and come out the other side, but also because there’s an opportunity here for patients to create their own community of other patients – whether it’s online or groups doing things together.”

Patient Advocate, Patient Network, 9 years

“I want to thank you for such a nice experience.  It was really a pleasure to work with you guys and meet so many nice people… It was a very rewarding experience and appreciate being involved with it.”

Patient Advocate, Patient Network, 9 years

“I was one of the patient speakers at a sales meeting event this past year. It was my pleasure to meet the HAS staff. After the event we, the patient speakers, were told by the staff what a fine job we did. I would like to take this time to let the Network know how professional these ladies were.  The entire process of this program seemed to be thoroughly thought out. I thoroughly enjoyed, and felt honored, to be part of this program. Job well done ladies!”

New Patient Advocate

“Sharing my story is a way of helping more people learn about and understand my condition. Getting to meet people who have the same condition and letting myself know that I’m not alone has been very helpful.”

Patient Speaker

“Talking and sharing with other people gives me great personal fulfillment, and I want to give people hope and encouragement whenever and wherever I can. Thanks so much for continuing to consider me for these opportunities.”

Patient Advocate, Patient Network, 9 years

“I think I’ve found my true purpose in life…I was afraid I wouldn’t have a purpose in life. Every time I get to speak with someone else, it fills me up and makes me feel good about helping others.”

Patient Advocate, Patient Network, 8 months

“Life is like a game of poker. Everyone is dealt a hand and it is how you play that hand that matters most and defines you as a person. You can choose to give up and fold, or you can stay in and fight until the end. We need more fighters in this world, people who never give up on their goals and dreams. People fighting to obtain their goals and dreams make a difference for patients like me. Thank you for all you do.”

Patient Network Participant

“The more I thought about how scared and how alone I felt at the beginning of my journey, I knew that if I could help one patient or inspire one patient in some way, that would be my way of giving back, and I wanted to give back.”